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11 Emoji-Patterned Kids’ Shoes for World Emoji Day

Emojis may be a relatively new phenomenon, but kids have grown up with the colorful icons, displayed not just on mobile devices but on everything from T-shirts to toys to shoes.

In honor of World Emoji Day today — held on July 17 because that is the date displayed on iOS’ calendar emoji — we’re taking a look at some of the best emoji-emblazoned shoes available for kids.

For little ones looking to go full-out on the emoji trend, Skecher offers a slew of options emblazoned with the images. Kids can get Skechers’ popular Twinkle Toes sneakers if they’re looking not just for colorful patterns but for glittery, light-up shoes, or they can test out a more athletic style.


Emoji, World Emoji Day, sneakers

Skechers emoji-patterned sneaker

For a more subtle look, kids can opt for Olivia Miller’s slip-on sneakers, which feature a single perforated smiley face on each shoe and come in simple colors, like bright red and black.

Olivia Miller, sneaker, kids, emoji

Olivia Miller slip-on sneaker

Of course, as summer goes on, kids might want to show off their love for emojis poolside. Sam Edelman offers a silver slide with embroidered smiley face patches, while Disney sells Havaianas with its characters made into emojis.

To shop more emoji-patterned shoes, check out the gallery.

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